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Support for Good Governance

India is known for its ancient wisdom, tolerance, balanced sensible thinking, sagacity and sobriety. We have to put this immense resource of clear intelligence into the building up of a nation that marches through the path of sustainable development through good governance. Good governance is transparency at all levels, responsibility in all positions, equanimity towards all citizens, equality before law and interaction with the public and their representatives prior to the implementation of any policy decision on the part of the Government.

In democracy we, the common people, have the power and authority to rule ourselves. We are not bystanders or spectators in this game but frontline players who have to do all in our power to play to win. It is not just our right or something we are given as a gift. It is our duty, our sacred obligation, what we owe to our community and motherland. Let us help our Prime Minister to make tangible and lasting progress through good governance. Heritage India Foundation has launched a platform for supporting our Prime Minister in good governance and responsible democracy.