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Magic Studies

Magic is a hobby that is fun to engage in and has several other benefits for the mental growth of children. It boosts the self-confidence of children and helps them acquire social skills. Through the learning and practice of magic children acquire skills like using the voice expressively, creating drama through gesture and timing, making eye-contact with the audience for enhancing self-confidence and speedy actions and reactions to baffle the audience. Teaching magic as a part of extra-curricular activities in educational institutions will go a long way in making our children ready to face the world when they come out and find themselves amidst complicated social situations. HIF has prepared an easy learning kit for students between the age of 8 and 15, to start performing magical tricks before their school-mates. Study of magic will liberate our children from religious and other forms of hoodwinking and deceptive fraudulence by anti-social elements, widely practised with financial and other motives, on the unwary people, especially children.