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Indian Diaspora & Success Stories

A non-resident Indian or NRI is defined as a citizen of India who has an Indian passport and is temporarily an emigrant for six months or more in another country for residence, employment, education, health-reasons or business. But, a PIO (Person of Indian Origin) is a citizen of another country but has an Indian ancestry. Though the number of overseas Indians is estimated to be over 25 million, the official figures as in May 2012 are 10,037,761 NRIs and 11,872,114 PIOs, totalling 21,909,875 Overseas Indians.

NRIs or PIOs who make India better understood abroad, supporting India's causes and concerns, building closer ties between India and the overseas Indian community, helping social and humanitarian causes, philanthropic and charitable work and showing eminence in one's field or skills that has enhanced India's prestige are generally recognized and honoured by the official media.

However, there are little known persons whose great achievements have never been known outside the geographic area of their activities. There are many people in the 'shadow area of the mainstream media' doing great work and they deserve to be brought into the limelight too.