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About Us


Heritage India Foundation envisages a world that moves fast forward to a brighter future without losing touch with the past and the present, with all the relics of the past intact in the present and the future.


In line with the vision, the mission of Heritage India Foundation is to study, conserve and promote all cultural and natural heritage wealth of mankind and document for posterity these and also document the lives and achievements of all outstanding personalities as part of our heritage and valuable inheritance.


  • »Documentation and promotion of world heritage treasures
  • »Protection of nature and conservation of natural resources
  • »Producing books, films and low-cost equipment for comprehensive health and fitness programmes
  • »Educating youth and children in scientific temperament through lens kit distribution, magic studies, etc
  • »Popularising India's intellectual heritage through promotion of Indian mathematics, Indian astronomy, etc
  • »Promoting wholesome health through Traditional Ayurveda and Yoga
  • »Educational programmes aimed at a higher quality of education
  • »Making documentaries on outstanding personalities residing in India and the NRIs and PIOs abroad
  • »Systemic changes for the better through media advocacy
  • »Supporting the Government for good governance
  • »Making films and unleashing campaigns for awareness on health and hygiene
  • »Conducting exhibitions, seminars, contests etc. worldwide for the promotion of our heritage
  • »Joining hands with other likeminded organisations in activities and campaigns of such nature