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HIF News

Heritage India Foundation acts as a News Agency with a difference. While the usual, run-of-the-mill news agency collects and sells all news, according to the sensational value of each news item, the Foundation gathers news on the subjects that come within the spectrum of its objectives and activities and distributes them to newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV channels and other media free of cost.

Relevant news on the protection of nature and conservation of natural resources, the documentation of heritage sites and outstanding lives, the promotion of health and hygiene, the dissemination of scientific knowledge among the young and such other subjects are selectively chosen, scientifically analysed, cross-verified with other available data and passed on to all print and electronic media outlets worldwide, free of cost.

Tourism and travel brings men and communities closer to each other, makes cultural entities become familiar with one another for the integration of mankind into one family, cuts across religious, political and economic boundaries to make people respect one another and so on. Therefore, HIF makes tourism places in India abroad more familiar to all making people travel more and more for a friendlier atmosphere everywhere.

HIF is engaged in a nationwide movement for stopping the sex-selective killing of the unborn girl child, as this trend is gradually resulting in bride-drought and consequent social chaos. News on the progress of the movement and statistics on the effect of the movement on the demographic crisis through which our nation is passing are passed on to all print and electronic media and social sites for the benefit of the thousands of followers of the movement , supporting authorities, agencies and organisations and other people.

As in this case of an impending social catastrophe and in eventualities of great consequences, like the destruction of pristine forest patches through man-made fires or illicit felling, Heritage India Foundation does not limit its intervention to just distribution of news, but unleashes a stormy worldwide campaign to ensure that such incidents will never be repeated