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Heritage Site Documentation

Documentation of the heritage sites in India and abroad, both natural and cultural, is the prime activity that the Heritage India Foundation is engaged in. The 1972 convention of UNESCO deplores the deterioration or disappearance of cultural or natural heritage and calls upon all to increase and diffuse knowledge on these and assure their conservation and protection. Article 17 of the Convention wants all countries to 'consider or encourage the establishment of national public and private foundations or associations' to collect donations for this. We are heeding this call in letter and spirit.

Neelgiri Mountain Railway

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is a one-metre broad (metre-gauge) railway in Tamil Nadu, India, built by the British in 1908 and runs 41.8 kilometres from Mettupalayam near Coimbatore to the hill station of Ooty. It was declared a 'World Heritage Site' as extension of the World Heritage Site of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, in July 2005, by UNESCO. The site was renamed as "Mountain Railways of India."

This beautiful moving heritage, climbing through scenic hills and valleys, must be studied and documented for posterity. The valleys, wilderness, orchards and open places along the track are fast changing and the original charm of the train passing over this unique track ought to be documented without any delay. The documentary will be an everlasting treasure for the future and will be cherished by all who take pride in their heritage and love lasting beauty.

We are documenting the entire length of this charming stretch of the Indian railway and the experience of travelling in the train, with historic background and all other relevant information, and show it to the whole world. We have to make this World Heritage Site known to all who love beauty, heritage, mountains and greenery. The video will surely find a place of pride in film festivals and travel marts and produce a lot of good will for India and its heritagesites.