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In the economically backward regions of our country, millions of girl children were killed, just after the moment of birth, by traditional methods of infanticide, due to economic pressures and poverty. Now, in the more affluent and urbanised regions of the country, thousands of unborn girl children are killed by prenatal foeticide, after determining the sex by scanning and other advanced methods. As a result, the child sex ratio is going dangerously down sowing seeds of a future calamity.

This is because the decreased child sex ratio in the first decade of the present century is going to blow up into a dangerously decreased adult sex ratio in the third decade. The chronic bachelors remaining unmarried for want of matching brides, with suppressed feelings, will be a curse on the society, will lead to increase in social evils like violence against women, child marriages, polygamy and women trafficking. The continuing decrease in sex ration will gradually undermine all our social values and structures and all the socio-economic progress we have made will go down the drain, if a concerted effort is not made to save the situation.

Heritage India Foundation has started a campaign #fight4thefoetus to fight for the foetus, to save the girl child and thus to save our nation and our future. The common people will be made aware of the dangers of decreasing female sex ratio and stopped from female foeticide and infanticide.