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Audio Visual Heritage

Preserving the recorded audio-visual heritage and
recording more sounds and sights for posterity

Heritage Site Documentation

Preserving the relics of the past for posterity and
protecting all cultural and natural heritages


Making documentary films on heritage treasures
and human achievements as assets of mankind

Indian Astronomy

Restoring India's global supremacy and leadership in astronomy,
astrophysics and space science

Support for Good Governance

Supporting good moves of the Government through participatory
democracy and responsible citizenship

Media Advocacy

Using the media for systemic changes
for the better through the policy makers and common people

Gathering, analysing and freely distributing
all news that help true advancement of mankind

CSR Support

Making CSR support available to all
like-minded individuals, institutions and organisations

Heritage India Foundation

Heritage India Foundation was formed with the vision of conserving the past, as it is in the present, and linking it with the future for posterity, through media advocacy. The prime objectives were the protection and promotion of natural and cultural heritage sites and documentation of the lives and activities of outstanding personalities. We are for making the common people aware of the need for health and hygiene, educating the young on a more scientific temperament and respect for our inheritance and traditional wisdom.

What We Do

  • Our Activities

    All our activities, based on our vision, mission and objectives, are aimed at making the earth and its inhabitants live a better life and move on to a brighter future, without breaking the roots of our heritage in the past, through spreading awareness, improving education, sharing governance, preserving heritage and conserving nature and resources.

  • Documentaries

    Our documentaries mainly focus on making all aware of the natural and cultural heritage of the world, stories of human achievements and on complementing our education through in-depth studies of the subjects and areas that are usually discarded or glossed over by our mainstream education system and formal syllabi.

  • CSR Support

    Our CSR Support Service works as a facilitating agency for making funds available to like-minded individuals, institutions and organisations that are engaged in genuine and innovative activities in the field of education, health, environmental protection, etc that conform with our own vision, mission and objectives.

  • Our Projects

    Our Projects are aimed at improving the quality of life and living conditions of the common people, all of mankind without any distinction of caste, creed, region, political beliefs or economic stratum and get this change brought about as fast as possible with their voluntary support and active participation at every stage of the project .

  • HIF News

    Our News Service is based on free promotion and distribution of news stories to news channels, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and such other news media hubs, provided the news and events are helpful or relate to any of our various objectives and activities and are positive and progressive in their tone and content.

  • Research and Development

    Our research and development initiatives are not limited to the activities, projects and documentaries that are going on and that are in the planning stage. We do research and development on improving the ways and means of spreading awareness, improving education, conserving heritage wealth and promoting human achievements.

Advocacy for Habitat Protection

Though habitat conservation is understood as land management to conserve, protect and restore habitat areas for wild plants and animals, in the narrow sense of the term, Heritage India Foundation uses advocacy for habitat protection in a broader sense that includes the protection of the historical status quo, social identity and cultural ethnicity of the human beings and their geographic habitat around the heritage sites, tourism centres and development hubs.

Standing for Our Posterity

Just as we have inherited the treasures of the past as our heritage wealth, so does our posterity rightfully deserve this inheritance without the least damage or destruction. This is the stand that the Heritage India Foundation has taken for the sake of our descendants, for those who come after us to possess this earth, our common and permanent abode.

A Closer Look into Our Heritage

Heritage India Foundation stands for conservation of all audio-visual heritages that have already been recorded and stored and for adding recordings of the sights, activities and sounds that have enough value to be preserved as heritage for our future generations.