Hydropower in Russia: the sustainable legacy (COP26 event)

COP26 side event
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The International Hydropower Association (IHA) will participate in this COP26 side event exploring hydropower’s role in the energy transition in Russia, organised by En+ Group and hosted by the Government of Russia.

Watch the event on 3 November 2021, 11:00 – 12:15 GMT

This event can be attended by UNFCCC-accredited attendees in the COP26 Blue Zone. Find out how to obtain observer status on the UNFCCC website.

Russia ranks second in the world for undeveloped hydropower resources, with only 19% of it currently utilised. However, hydropower lies at the core of the global energy transition.

A large proportion of Russian hydropower is rooted in the history of the country. Today, hydropower has transformed into a sustainable legacy. The session will bring together representatives of major global energy partnerships, as well as the two largest Russian hydropower producers to discuss the potential of hydropower in Russia’s energy transition.  

Keynote speaker:

  • Eddie Rich, CEO, International Hydropower Association  


  • Representative of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership
  • Representative of EN+
  • Representative of RusHydro

Watch the event live.

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