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To change the world you need to bring people to the table

Connecting decision-makers

Through our conferences, workshops, digital events and online community, IHA brings together a diverse group of stakeholders, each with their own unique perspectives and experiences on hydropower.

Every two years, we convene the World Hydropower Congress, the globe’s most important gathering for hydropower decision-makers, innovators and experts from industry, government, finance, civil society and academia.

In addition, we organise regional high-level roundtables for CEOs and heads of international agencies, NGOs, business and banks, where members can speak with key decision-makers and discuss local policy priorities.

Knowledge networks

We understand that receiving accurate and timely information is critical for the success of our members’ operations.

IHA’s Knowledge Networks help hydropower professionals to connect, collaborate, and gain insights on sector trends from around the world. These networks are hosted via our online platform, Hydropower Pro.


Status Report

Worldwide hydropower capacity and generation data, industry trends, and insights from IHA's team of analysts.

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