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Awards and recognition

We recognise excellence in sustainable hydropower development

Recognising industry leaders

Our members are recognised for their commitment to planning, designing and delivering hydropower projects which help countries to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement.

Leading developers, operators and equipment suppliers among our membership have worked on many of the world’s most acclaimed hydropower projects.


We recognise hydropower sector leaders through three award schemes:

IHA Blue Planet Prize

The IHA Blue Planet Prize is awarded to hydropower projects that demonstrate excellence in sustainable development.

IHA Mosonyi Award

The IHA Mosonyi Award for Excellence in Hydropower recognises individuals within IHA's membership for outstanding contributions to the sector.

IHA Young Researcher Award

The IHA Young Researcher Award recognises and rewards emerging talent in the hydropower sector.

Inventions in turbine technology

Some of the first innovations in using water for power were conceived in China during the Han Dynasty between 202 BC and 9 AD. Trip hammers powered by a vertical-set water wheel were used to pound and hull grain, break ore, and in early paper-making.


Status Report

Worldwide hydropower capacity and generation data, industry trends, and insights from IHA's team of analysts.

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