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Our Innovate Hydropower webinar focused on key innovations that are boosting hydropower development, improving energy security and making a real difference to advancing decarbonisation.

Innovation is a key enabler for the energy transition. As the demand for the hydropower sector increases to provide flexible, reliable power services that can adapt to changing supply and demand, more innovative technologies will be needed. This will also ensure hydropower operators can maximise the performance of their projects and access future energy markets.

This webinar was moderated by AFRY Switzerland and included presentations by three of our members, Natel Energy, Sunshine Hydropower, and Sweetch Energy, showcasing some of the latest advancements driving hydropower development at the cutting edge of the clean energy transition.

About the presenters:  

Natel Energy

This California-based company is creating climate-resilient hydropower using river restoration techniques, fish-safe hydro turbines, and the most accurate AI-powered hydro forecasting tools available.

Sunshine Hydropower

This Australian company is focused on creating renewable infrastructure projects (super hybrids). Their AI Software (AESOP) improves production efficiencies and ROR on pumped storage hydropower assets.  

Sweetch Energy

This France-based company has specialised in osmotic energy and developed the game changing INOD® technology, the only solution in the world that can continuously convert saltwater into clean electricity at a competitive price.

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